All Brittany Bay Gourmet dressings are preservative free and lower calorie/lower fat than standard oil/vinegar based dressings

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About Brittany Bay Gourmet

The quest for the perfect salad dressing has plagued the culinary world for years. From blue cheese to balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard to ranch, professional chefs and home cooks alike are constantly searching for the perfect complement to their greens.

Susan Goldberg was just one of the many chefs seeking the ultimate blend, so she began to create her own, unique salad dressings for family and friends. Experimenting in her kitchen, her recipes had a sophisticated taste with a homemade touch, using only the finest, freshest ingredients. After years of tantalizing the taste buds that entered her kitchen, friends persuaded her to open the heart of her cooking to others who appreciated gourmet food.

In the charming fishing village of Gig Harbor, Washington, located 45 miles south of Seattle, Brittany Bay Gourmet was established in May 1994. Looking out of her kitchen window one day, Susan saw her daughter Brittany playing in the sunshine on the shores of Wollochet Bay and suddenly arrived at the perfect name for her business. Brittany was the inspiration for launching the product – a wonderful woman with an electric personality, who also has special needs.  In creating Brittany Bay, Susan sought to use proceeds to fund programs for adults with special needs and ultimately provide the community with a place to work. Combining the spirit of family, the beauty of her surroundings and her passion for cooking, Brittany Bay Gourmet was born.

The first product and now flagship dressing was Brittany Bay Vinaigrette. All natural, preservative free and packed with flavor, the Vinaigrette premiered at the Gig Harbor Farmers Market in the summer of 1994. Susan personally distributed salad samples to shoppers every Saturday and the response to the dressing was amazing. Soon Brittany Bay had an incredible following.

With unique packaging and a hand tied ribbon around each bottleneck, Susan soon began to expand the line and released Brittany Bay Oriental Sesame dressing in May 1995. Susan’s dressings continued to captivate tasters with their full-bodied flavors and never ending uses. In September 1995, the Brittany Bay line hit store shelves at Queen Anne Thriftway in Tacoma, Washington (now Metropolitan Market) and soon a variety of high-end gourmet food stores throughout Washington state began to carry the unique line. In August 2004, Susan released Brittany Bay Orange Blossom Vinaigrette. All three dressings are 100 percent natural and preservative free.

Brittany Bay Gourmet is now available in 16 gourmet food stores throughout Washington including Whole Foods Market, Metropolitan Markets and Central Markets to name a few. It can be found in the refrigerator cases in the produce sections at each of the locations. Brittany Bay lovers know that it is more than just a salad dressing. From salads to pastas, stir-fry’s to marinades, the dressings provide the perfect complement to any dish. The line serves as the core ingredient in a number of signature recipes ranging from Brittany Bay pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes to Chinese Chicken Salad, and Seared AHI with ginger and garlic. With Brittany Bay it takes the guessing out of seasoning and ensures the greatest flavor each and every time.

Susan can still be seen at her stores, providing customers with samples of Brittany Bay Gourmet dressings and presenting innovative uses for her products.


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